By: Thanushka
July 24, 2021

7 Best Web Hosting Plans for Beginners

“Where should I start?”
It is the first question that comes into our mind when we plan to start something new…no matter if you are an experienced person or a newbie to your particular area.


However, everyone has a starting point in their journey of success.


Here, we are focusing on the starting point of a website owner. His foundation lies in purchasing the domain name and a hosting account.

Buying a domain name is as simple as that… you can select a name for your website, and if it is available, you will be able to buy it. But, it will be more complicated and decisive due to various concerns when it comes to purchasing a hosting account.


In contrast, if you are a newbie to the world of blogging or launching a website for the first time, you will be in a stressful situation.


You will come across hundreds of hosting providers, but you will be stuck at one point thinking, ‘which one should I choose?’.


This question will be an outdated one since we are here to guide you.

We have already provided you with some tips and tricks to know when choosing a web host as a beginner. You can dig into those tips and tricks in this article.

Great!! Now you have a keen knowledge, I suppose…


Now you can choose the best hosting provider for better performance without any hesitation.

This article will introduce you to the 7 best hosting plans for you to succeed from your starting point as a beginner.

You know now what you should expect from your web host. Now, what’s left is… to choose the best fit for you!!


Best Web Hosting Plans for Beginners


So, let’s start hunting for the best out of 7!!!




1. SiteGround


Don’t hesitate to “choose the hosting provider that helps you start easy, build fast, and grow strong!”

If this is what you are looking for… SiteGround is the best hosting provider you have to choose. 


You can take the risk to try out their services because they make you risk-free with their 30-days money-back guarantee.

SiteGround is a fast and also secure web hosting provider which offers you various plans that suits you. Their expert hosting support team will be;


– Available 24/7
– Proficient and friendly when helping you
– Extremely fast in picking up and resolution
– Top-rated in customer satisfaction


If you are going to launch your new website and still looking for a premium web hosting provider with an affordable budget, it’s SiteGround for sure…  

Isn’t this the best hosting platform for you to check on, which 2,000K domain owners trust?



2. Bluehost


Bluehost can also be considered as another popular web host in the world of blogging and site launching. There are two reasons for you to choose this host if you have any intention to launch a WordPress website. They are:


– Bluehost is one of the officially recommended hosting providers by

– Also, it has a business partnership with


These facts will lead you to experience their services with assurance.


Now you may be thinking that this web host is only for site owners of WordPress websites. It’s a big ‘NO’…


They provide you their services even if you are a non-WordPress site owner. They will offer you unique hosting plans, including a lot of excellent free and premium features too.


If you are unhappy with Bluehost’s service, don’t worry… They protect you with their 30 days money-back guarantee.


Do you know the most considerable advantage you get from them if you are a BEGINNER?

They allow you to register a free domain name for the first year with each new hosting account.





Namecheap is initially known as a domain name registrar and management service, but they offer cheap but reliable web hosting services too.


Additionally to the above services, they also sell SSL certificates, privacy protection services, and more. 


They have made up their structure giving priority to their customer needs… so, they give affordable budget packs to everything you need to run a website.


Don’t you find this a positive fact for a beginner?


Yes, it is…


Let’s look at what Namecheap hosting plans offer you…


– fast, reliable service with a 100% uptime guarantee

– site-building apps to ease your new site-building process

– moving your existing website for free

– experts with a solid knowledge base

– 24/7 chat support

– chance to submit tickets for review


Is Namecheap the hosting plan what you were looking for?





It is one of the most expanded web hosting companies having an innovative and creative approach to Cloud SSD Web Hosting Solutions.

They are unique when it comes to providing their services. Unlike the other hosting providers, HostArmada has soft policies for their customers when they violate the rules. This shows that they handle their clients with care.

HostArmada’s every web hosting package come with some necessary guarantees to maintain their reliability. Let’s check what they offer you…

– No cancellation fees in case you don’t like their service

– Free website migration service

– Up to 45 days moneyback guarantee

– 99.9% uptime guarantee for all customers’ website

If you want a high speed, secured, and a high uptime for your website, HostArmada would be a better solution for you as I guess..!!



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