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July 8, 2021

The 7+ Best Platforms to Learn Coding in 2021

As the modern world is running beyond the technological revolution, there is a high trend for skilled coders worldwide to conquer the technological needs of the high population density.


Therefore, the need for coding is highly demanding. This article will lay you on the path of coding by showing you the best platforms to learn coding in 2021. The most attractive fact is that these sites are almost free.


The word “skilled” is specific because finding a skilled professional is the biggest challenge faced by companies that hire IT professionals to cater to the world’s need for development. The skillfulness of a professional comes from the experience that he gains from the performed amount of work.


Even though highly qualified individuals are in this defined field, they might have neither the required skills nor experience. If this is the case of attraction, you can find plenty of websites and other platforms which offer you the right candidate but cannot consider all of them as trusted or reliable sources.


Choosing the most applicable, skilled, and professional personality is more important as far as quality, trustworthiness, sustainability, etc., are concerned.


Therefore, the chosen individual must be a knowledgeable individual who can cater to the clients’ requirements like writing custom codes to enable custom features and functions, developing and deploying computer applications, software, mobile app coding, fixing bugs, etc.



If you are dreaming of being a skilled and professional candidate, this is the best place to find ways for you to get armed with more skills to cater to the company’s needs that hire you.


The main goal of publishing this article is to make your biggest dream come true as a skilled coding professional. After a broad research campaign, we have generated a list of trusted platforms that you can use to develop the skills to chase your dream.


This article contains the 7 best platforms to learn coding, to improve your skills, get knowledge, and some coding tips to be titled as a SKILLED PROFESSIONAL in the defined field.




The 7+ Best Platforms to Learn Coding



1. Freecodecamp



freeCodeCamp is a nonprofit community started in 2014 by Quincy Larson to help learn coding by building projects. The most important fact about freeCodeCamp is that they offer their service free of charge.


They follow a well-structured curriculum to make a student from novice to pro level.


This site lets you learn well, build your own projects and earn your certifications. They offer 10 earn free verified certifications as listed below:


  • Responsive Web Design
  •  JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structure 
  • Front End Development Libraries 
  • Data Visualization 
  • APIs and Microservices
  • Quality Assurance
  • Scientific Computing with Python
  • Data Analysis with Python 
  • Information Security  
  • Machine Learning with Python


A learner who enrolls in the certifications mentioned above will have to participate in around 300 hours of dedicated learning. Also, these certifications are self-paced, so the course duration depends totally on your performance.


Since this platform is a 501(c)(3)donor-supported public charity, you can make one-time donations as well as monthly recurring donations. Your donations will go to their education initiatives and pay for servers, services, and staff.


As you can see, freeCodeCamp has rendered an invaluable service to learners since 2014. More than 40K graduates are engaged in their jobs at world-reputed tech companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Spotify, Amazon, etc.









Don’t you like to challenge yourself and interview your knowledge?


Then coderbyte is one of the best platforms to learn coding for you, with over 800K developers who have join hands with them to take their careers to the next level.


It is a web application to help you to practice programming and improve your coding skills. 


You can experience various challenges ranging from easiest to the hardest, which can be completed with their online editor and some well-designed web development courses.


To improve your skills, they offer you algorithm, front-end, back-end, database challenges, automated grading, Big-O analysis, and over 3 million helping solutions.


On the other hand, they provide you real-world interview kits to help you prepare expert videos and solutions by their team and career resources and partners to ace your interviews.


The most beneficial fact that catches employers’ eyes is that this platform offers a technical screening product to help employers recruit the best fit in an accelerated and more accurate way.


In addition, this web application is readily available to help the developers get jobs, practice their skills, and be confident at the upcoming interviews.








Codewell is one of the best platforms to learn coding that will give you the experience of improving HTML and CSS skills to cure your obsession. It will provide you with real design templates to get thorough in the subject content.


To sharpen your skills, they give access to browse high-quality Figma templates and new templates every week, including all assets, access to Slack channel, even for unpaid members. It is where you are exposed to chat and discuss your solutions with a growing community of developers.


If you aim to develop your CSS and HTML skills, this is the best solution you can ever have, where they will make you face different challenges.






It is the best platform to make something bigger in this pandemic period without wasting time. Not only in this case but also Treehouse is a platform that caters to at-home learning on your time schedules.


Treehouse was found in 2011 to make tech more accessible through affordable and engaging online tech education and follows an EDI (Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion) strategy.


It first offers you a free trial for 7 days where you can get the maximum benefits. Even if you are not sure about how to start? Or where to start from? They will help you choose the right path for you with just a couple of questions.


They will facilitate you with expert-led video courses, in-demand topics for developers and designers, segmenting your learning with tracks, interactive learning sessions, etc.


You will finally be able to build up your skills through an amalgamation of 100 days of coding, access to free resources, and a good communication network.






CSSbattle has a different interface than the other typical platforms, which is very user-friendly. It is an online CSS Code Golfing game. What happens here is, worldwide players visually replicate “Targets” in the smallest possible CSS code and battle it out to get the top of the leaderboard.


This platform has been launched by two CSS professionals, Kushagra Gour and Kushagra Agarwal.


If you choose to build, improve and get confident with your CSS skills, you are free to access CSSBattle. It’s all about checking on the targets and testing your CSS skills.



06.Frontend Mentor





Are you planning to improve your front-end coding skills? The best way to improve yourself is to get engaged in building real projects. 


Frontend Mentor is there to help you out with this. You can work on real-time HTML, CSS, and JavaScript challenges while working to professional designs too. 


More than 175K developers have joined with Frontend Mentor to build projects, review codes, and helping each other with their problems to get better solutions. It’s only a 4 step process;

  1. Choose your challenge
  2. Code the design
  3. Submit your solution
  4. Give others feedback

You also have the opportunity to join their Slack community to exchange your solutions and make better results.








This will be the last best platform that we discovered for coders to learn to code. JavaScript30 is a 30-day vanilla JS coding challenge where you have to build 30 things in 30 days, referring to 30 tutorials which is a successful concept of Wes Bos.


There will be no frameworks, compilers, libraries, or boilerplates. You can sign up and get immediate access to the course dashboard.


However, in the end, you will get instant access to all 30 videos, 30 days of starter files, and completed HTML, CSS, and JS Solutions for each day. Also, this will be free throughout the 30 days.


If you are a developer who wants to become versatile in both JavaScript Fundamentals and working in the DOM without a library, this platform will provide you with great solutions.


It has been launched for users free of charge as there is a huge need for these videos and to make you get confident with JavaScript.





You may be a beginner or an intermediate developer who’s looking for some expert knowledge. You may have a piece of sound knowledge in your focused field, but you may not be so confident about your skills.


This article is just a guidance for you after conducting broad research to provide you with the best platforms to learn coding to make you comfortable with achieving your goals. 


If you found your path through this article, don’t forget to leave us a feedback. Don’t hesitate to contact me to clarify the problems boiling in your mind through (link).


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